Best Personal Alarms for Your Kids

Best Personal Alarms for Your Kids

Today, the crime rate is increasing rapidly, and it becomes difficult to protect your loved ones. As a parent, it is important to ensure that your kid is safe. With the busy routine, it is not possible for you to stay with your kids all the time and watch them all the time in their school, tuition center or at playing time. Personal security alarms can play an important against strangers that bother your kids in their ways. Many best personal alarms come up with easy-to-pin-up chains that made it easy to remove for your kid to remove his/her self-defense weapon in alarming situations.

This is a review article, and here you can learn the top rated personal alarms for your kids. Let’s have a brief look

BASU eAlarm

With the measurements of 2.79 * 1.22 * 0.51 inches, this BASU security variant is a small and easy-to-use personal alarm. With multiple features, this alarm comes up with a ring on top that your kid can pull for activating the alarming sound. Made up with durable material, the packaging of this personal alarm made it highly portable. With the lifetime guarantee, the batteries on this personal alarm will last long for five years.

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Self Defense SOS Kits Keychain

Unlike other alarming tools, this keychain works with the sync of the mobile app. The installation purpose of the keychain is that your kids will share their location with you in an emergency. You can easily attach this keychain with the bag packs and clothes of your kid. In case of an emergency, you not only remove the pin of this personal alarm but also press the side button for alarming sound.

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VinTech Safe & Sound Personal Alarm

I am sure your kid is going to love his/her new guard with this alarming personal tool. With stylish and fashionable looks, this Vindi variant is not only popular for kid’s security, but teens also love to keep it with them. With its easy-to-use features, this personal alarm is larger and can fit into the hands of kids. This device has an additional strap mounted on it, and it is equipped with LED light for emergencies. This Vindi guard can make the ear-bursting 130-DB signals.

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SOS Panic Rape Alarm  Smart Mobile App

Similar to other SOS alarming tool, this bee shape device also works within sync settings of the mobile app. This personal alarm allows you to share your locations with your five kids at one time. The plush bee can create loud noise with a single push on a button. Due to its small size, it becomes easy to carry this device, and your attackers won’t be able to stop the sound at ones. Moreover, your child can also listen to the siren log enough until they can’t find them safe.

HUMUTU Safe Sound  Personal Alarm

You can find two devices of HUMUTU Safe and Sound personal alarm in one packaging. With a unique teardrop shape, this is an easy-to-carry keychain. With its unique design, this alarming device can fit into the hands of your kid. For triggering the alarm, you only have to pull the key chain pin from the device. As compared to other self-defense devices, these HUMUTU variants create 130db alarming sounds.

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