Choosing a private detective

Last night you saw your daughter high in her room. When you asked her if she took drugs, she refused. You know about all her friends but do not know which of them encouraged her to take drugs. Who will tell you which of her friend introduced drugs to her?

What if you are giving your house in Arizona on rent to an immigrant? We are not undermining the immigrants — everyone has the right to travel to any part of the world. But, you can’t trust a belligerent in your country so easily. Am I right? How would you know about the credibility of such an individual?

Similarly, your best friend meets you in a restaurant where he introduces you to her friend. Since you have a grocery business so your friend’s friend upon hearing, it decides to invest in it. You don’t know her. But, you like the opportunity. You always wanted to grow, thus needed an investor. So, how will you come to know about the investor? Who will help you in this case?

An answer to all such questions is ‘a Private detective’. In other words, you need to choose an intelligent person to spy on someone. The spying is a dangerous job; in many cases, the spy puts his or her life in danger. If you don’t believe me, see James Bond 007, Mission Impossible. Or if you need humour, watch Jhonny English.

All of the heroes shown in the films were smart detectives. Even the role of Rowan Atkinson; although, funny but he had an intellect to help him solve the case. You need a spy to work for you privately, but that would require you to test his skills. They might charge a reasonable amount of fee. They might risk their lives! We have mentioned some guidelines that will help you pick up one:

Don’t pick up a pessimist


What if your case is mysterious and difficult to solve? You might want to know about the recent murder of your aunt. It could be because of family disagreements over property distribution. God-forbid! A pessimist when encounters a twisty game will turn back. He would not be able to solve the mystery. Your money can be wasted completely.

We are not asking you to hire an optimist as well. It may be surprising for you. Well, a positive person will have a positive image of every human being, and the culprit of your aunt’s murder will not be caught behind bars. You need an opportunist, one who has a balanced optimism and pessimism in him or her.

See the appearance

It is not a Hollywood movie. Try to pick up a person who has an unnoticeable appearance. We mean that you should choose a private detective who does not wear expensive clothes. A person who looks like someone from lower-middle-class struggling in his or her life. In reality, your spy may own a Lamborghini.

Analyze the activeness

Inquire your detective how good he/she is at sports. Remember you are not looking for Jackie Chan from Police story if your detective knows martial arts that is an added advantage however, if the spy is good at other sports such as Football, basketball. Doesn’t matter. All you need is someone with quick reflexes.

Check for the use of weapons


Does she know how to use a weapon? Irrespective of the gender. Everyone must know the use of basic weapons for the defence. But, make sure that weapons do not become a threat to humanity. Use it carefully. Ask the detective to show you the license of the pistol or any other gun.

If your detective knows how to use a knife skillfully and owns a gun, choose him on ASAP basis. This shows how seriously the person pursues the profession. Weapons would be needed to control the situation because, during the investigation, someone might attack.

Look at their qualification

While choosing or interviewing a private detective, ask them about their educational details. Education matters because there are some jargons which are deciphered by well-qualified people. Other people take time in understanding them. During an interview, you can ask them to show you their degrees.

Is your spy not a university graduate? Doesn’t matter. The person might be having a diploma in any of the technical fields. Whatever degree he/she possesses, the education broadens the thinking capacity of a human being.

Make sure they have experience

In the case of busting a whole gang of rapists, murderers, drug addicts, you need a well-experienced spy. Ask him the details of the previous cases which he has solved in the past. His solved mysteries must have made to the newspaper. Ask the person to show you the news covered about his case.

You need a chameleon


Do you know the quality of chameleon? It changes the colour according to the surroundings. So, you need to choose a detective which adapts to a situation. For example, if she is sitting with the drunkards. She must know how to act as one. She may not even touch the wine in reality.

The spy must have a strong mind


A fearless spy fits the situation. The one who does not fall prey to the tactics of the corrupt people. The one whose confidence is not shattered with the changing attitudes of the people. A detective should be undeterred from the threats of the people. He should not be afraid to die.

Is he multilingual?


You are looking for a spy in Canada. So, check for the languages your spy can speak and understand. English may not be an issue. Since, Canada is a land of immigrants so the detective must be acquainted with French, Punjabi, Chinese, Urdu, Persian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Tagalog. The more languages he knows, the more he is worthy of being hired.

Don’t pick up a famous person

Search Google by typing the name of the person; the spy must not have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Detectives need to be safe because if they have a presence on the internet. It can be negative for them. The enemies will get an edge over them.

We have explained to you the things you can consider when choosing a private detective for any of the matter. You need to follow every detail, and you will be able to get a clever spy. Hope this solves your mystery!